A Very Special Love Story

Sarah Rostock Who doesn’t love a good love story? From The Notebook to Romeo and Juliet everyone has their favorite! This may sound the cheesiest of cheesy, but my favorite […]

Listen to the Music in My Heart

Julia Jones, Special Love counselor and former camper (Wilm’s tumor) … For one week every summer, I get to go to camp. Camp is my happy place. This camp is […]

In Joyful Defiance of Their Cancer

Christopher Barnett, MD, Special Love volunteer …  Last night was the Camp Fantastic talent show. About halfway through, a camper came onto stage to perform “holding breath.” He took a […]

My inspiration….

When I think of someone that has been a huge inspiration to me I cannot help but think of about one hundred kids, all under the age of seventeen, who […]

The Gift Of A Childhood

It is not that “at Camp Fantastic, the checkups just happen to be bookended by canoe rides, archery lessons, dance classes and a carnival,” but that, “at Camp Fantastic canoe rides, archery lessons, dance classes, and carnivals just happen to be bookended by medline.”

All About Camp Fantastic by Jonathan

Each day is a adventure. Kids laugh and play. There are many different activities to choose from. It’s like it’s your family. At Camp Fantastic, it’s like you’re free. Everyone […]

The Rewards of Risk

I am a bad singer. Like tone-deaf-nails-on-chalkboard crazy bad. When I was in high school, the family joke was that I was asked to sing solo…you know, so low that […]