Summer 2021 Was a Virtual Masterpiece 

Summer 2021 Was a Virtual Masterpiece    “Thank you so much for such an amazing week and for making our first time camper feel included…the activities exceeded our expectations…”  BRASS Camp and Camp Fantastic each faced a tough task in […]

A Very Special Love Story

Sarah Rostock Who doesn’t love a good love story? From The Notebook to Romeo and Juliet everyone has their favorite! This may sound the cheesiest of cheesy, but my favorite […]

Listen to the Music in My Heart

Julia Jones, Special Love counselor and former camper (Wilm’s tumor) … For one week every summer, I get to go to camp. Camp is my happy place. This camp is […]

In Joyful Defiance of Their Cancer

Christopher Barnett, MD, Special Love volunteer …  Last night was the Camp Fantastic talent show. About halfway through, a camper came onto stage to perform “holding breath.” He took a […]

My inspiration….

When I think of someone that has been a huge inspiration to me I cannot help but think of about one hundred kids, all under the age of seventeen, who […]

The Gift Of A Childhood

It is not that “at Camp Fantastic, the checkups just happen to be bookended by canoe rides, archery lessons, dance classes and a carnival,” but that, “at Camp Fantastic canoe rides, archery lessons, dance classes, and carnivals just happen to be bookended by medline.”

All About Camp Fantastic by Jonathan

Each day is a adventure. Kids laugh and play. There are many different activities to choose from. It’s like it’s your family. At Camp Fantastic, it’s like you’re free. Everyone […]