The Rewards of Risk

I am a bad singer. Like tone-deaf-nails-on-chalkboard crazy bad. When I was in high school, the family joke was that I was asked to sing solo…you know, so low that […]

Staff Reflections

I am truly humbled by the amazing group of volunteers who have gathered here for a week of service and compassion. Like most families, we are diverse. There are extroverts […]

Camp Fantastic 2012

We’re just getting started here at Camp Fantastic… stay tuned for more! It’s our 30th anniversary, so there will be a lot to celebrate!  

Camp moments – big and small

We do BIG things at camp. We have camp carnivals with games, prizes, motorcycle rides, a dunk tank and fire truck rides. We transform bland cafeterias into dazzling cruise lounges. […]

Camp Fantastic 2011 sets sail!

If you’ve ever wondered “What is Camp Fantastic all about?” or “ What makes it so special?” then stay tuned here for regular updates and photos from the “Special Love […]