Camp Is Where The Heart Is

Sunset over the JamesThe sun is setting over the James as my car roles to a stop, its tires crunching in the gravel parking lot outside of the Jamestown 4H Center’s mess hall. Despite traffic and an unfamiliar route, I seem to be the first to arrive and I take a moment to savor the quiet tranquility of the slow, deep water that, like me, has reached the end of its long journey.


It’s good to be home.


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YACing It Up

Splashdown!  YAC 2010YAC weekend 2011 kicks off in Jamestown on Friday.  This Fantastic weekend nurtures a community of support for young adult survivors and brings old camp friends back together again.  


Last year we went to a Splashdown waterpark (clearly a big hit with the YACer at right).  This year we figure we’ll cut out the middle man and head straight to the ocean.  Sunshine and sea air; that’s what it’s all about.