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Families helping other families is the essence of Special Love. As we say so often, “When a child gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer.” Life changes immediately and – for most – forever. We bring together families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis to allow them to share stories, exchange ideas, give and take advice, laugh together, cry together. They also connect with families who are on the other side of the cancer journey, to find much-needed hope and encouragement.

Father and son and others canoeing at one of Special Love's Family Weekends.

Family Weekends

Cancer affects the whole family, changing the fabric and the focus of everyday life. During this time, Special Love offers an unwavering, unconditional community of support. A community that knows. A community that understands.

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Parents learning how to square dance at a Parent Getaway Weekend.

Parent Getaway Weekend

Watching any child battle cancer is devastating; watching your own child do it is paralyzing. Parents often feel isolated, helpless, out of control, and out of answers. Special Love offers parents of children with cancer safety, support, and solace in shared experiences.

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Family together at the annual Special Love Holiday Party.

Special Outings

When trips to camp are not enough, Special Love families can also take advantage of sporting events, the circus, and other special outings that don’t involve an overnight stay.

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