Maria Gonzalez-Jackson

Cancer Parent

Maria Gonzalez Jackson stumbled upon Special Love during a lucky google internet search for a support system for children impacted by serious illness and for their siblings. Luckily, Maria found Special Love.

Maria’s daughter, Mia was 15 years old when she began participating in Camp Fantastic and her other daughter Noelle was 13 when she started attending BRASS Camp for Siblings.

Maria and the Gonzalez-Jackson family have become regulars at Special Love events, such as Family Days, Octoberfest, our 5K, and they were active participants in our virtual programming during the pandemic. Gonzalez-Jackson reflected on these events saying, “It was so nice to have those programs to look forward to and to stay connected with fellow families.

Special Love programs began to mean a lot to this family, not just the girls.

“Special Love's programs have been a tremendous help to our family. From the family events, to patient programs, to sib activities, and to parent weekend, they all help us remember to have fun. It has been so rewarding to see Mia connect with other teens who have similar challenges, to witness Noelle blossom with other siblings, and to find fellow moms "who get it."

Mia has just started her first year of college at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts (and is one of our scholarship recipients) and Maria credits Special Love in being a part of building her confidence and helping her take a risk to participate in activities.