Jenlene Nowak (Mizz Mozaic)

Virtual Program Host

When Special Love was forced to pivot to virtual programming in 2020, it was quickly apparent that we needed craft presenters with professional experience to broaden our program offerings. Jenlene Nowak (aka “Mizz Mozaic”) was one of the first to come to our rescue!

“I found out about Special Love towards the beginning of the pandemic.  Asked if I would be interested in teaching a virtual mosaic-making experience for the children and families… my answer was an enthusiastic yes! It's hard to put into words how incredible it felt being asked to be a small part of the massive mission and critically important work of Special Love.”

Jenlene hosted several virtual and pre-recorded mosaic projects throughout the pandemic and, with help from the Special Love staff, provided the camp families with all the materials they needed to complete each one. The results were beautiful – and inspiring.

“It means so much to me that everyone who participated was able to create a one-of-a-kind piece. It's my sincere hope that anyone who created a piece during the mosaic events looks at them fondly and remembers the happy memories of a unique and thoughtful experience that Special Love so lovingly coordinated.”

Like so many non-profits during the pandemic, Special Love was tasked with finding creative alternatives to our traditional camp activities and Mizz Mozaic was among the bright spots during that challenging time. She was easy to work with and clearly talented at what she did. The feeling was mutual:

“I love love LOVE the staff of Special Love. They are so incredibly impressive - not to mention nice and fun. They make everything look so easy, but I know the incredible amount of work that goes into creating meaningful events.”