2020 Scholarship Recipients

Each year, Special Love awards Kay/Moore Educational Scholarships to young adults who have undergone treatment for cancer and are now ready to move past their cancer journey, attend college and trade schools, and live out their dreams for a fruitful future.

Special Love’s young scholarship recipients have endured challenges and heartache during their treatments and move on with their lives by exhibiting great courage and strength.  All have determined not to let cancer define them, or limit their futures.

Many scholarship recipients pursue careers in the medical and social work fields because they understand how important those individuals are in helping a child – and family – through the medical nightmare of pediatric cancer.

Special Love was delighted to award 28 Kay/Moore Educational Scholarships to the following young adult survivors, who are attending colleges and universities such as Beacon College, East Carolina University, George Mason University, Lord Fairfax Community College, Shenandoah University, University of Michigan Medical School, and Virginia Tech:

  • Olivia Adams
  • Heather Alba
  • Nesma Aly
  • Nadia Anderson
  • Tsadet Brannon
  • Emma Delaney – Malloy Toyota Scholarship
  • Sofia Dirie
  • Mattie Dye – Karen Neilsen Memorial Scholarship
  • Sylvia Escolero – Dennis Chastain Memorial Scholarship
  • Erin Frederick
  • John Gonzalez
  • Alexandra Hancock
  • Carolyn Hubley – Caleb Ingram Scholarship
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Tyler Jones – Hahn Family Scholarship
  • Natanial Justiniano
  • Christopher Keely
  • Andrew McCaffrey
  • Brady McKay
  • Destiny McKenzie
  • Seth Middlecoop
  • William Peterson
  • Joshua Rubin
  • Rachel Simon – Hahn Family Scholarship
  • Abby Snider
  • Brian Wathen
  • Kailee Vance
  • Nataliya Zabroskva

For more information, contact Jan Bresch.