Special Love, Inc.’s Kay/Moore Scholarship Fund for Young Adults with Cancer provides educational scholarships to former and current pediatric cancer patients. Age 18 to 30, pursuing post-secondary education or training and who are or have participated in Special Love programming.

Scholarships help them move past their cancer journey to attend college and live out their dreams for a fruitful future.  These young men and women endured challenges and heartache during their treatments, and moved on with their lives by exhibiting great courage and strength.  All have determined not to let cancer define them, or limit their futures.

Each year, the fund makes scholarship awards to applicants who have demonstrated a financial need, academic potential and involvement with Special Love programming.

Grants range from $1,000 to $3,500, and are intended to cover the student’s tuition and school fees only.

Questions? Email scholarships@specialove.org, or call (888) 930-2707.

Application Process

Eligibility for a scholarship is restricted solely to applicants who are, or have been, participants of at least one Special Love program – either in-person or virtually — and are 18 to 30 years of age.

Scholarships are awarded based on the applications:

  • Academic Performance and Potential
  • Financial Need
  • Personal Need, and;
  • The completeness of the application process.

2022 Application Process Has Now Closed

Kay Moore Scholarship

Are you on treatment?

School - GPA/SAT/ACT

Please fill out this section and attach a transcript* signed by a school official.
Transcript Attached:
If no, the transcript can be sent by the school directly, emailed to scholarships@specialove.org. School info/transcripts must be for the most recent semester completed. For graduating seniors a high school or undergraduate transcript is acceptable.

Special Love Involvement

Please indicate what Special Love programs you participated in, and years participated.
Virtual Programming
Please indicate all the virtual programs and activities you participated in.

Section B: College/University/Trade School Information

Name and address of school to whom you have formally committed and are planning to attend. OR If you have not yet chosen a school, list any to which you have applied. Be aware a scholarship award will not be provided until you have provided evidence of enrollment.
Is this a graduate level program?
If you answered yes, you yourself should complete the financial information.
If you answered yes, your parents/guardians should complete the financial information.

Financial Support

Your application will NOT be reviewed if the information in Section B is incomplete. Applicants who live independently and will cover their own educational expenses should fill out this section themselves in its entirety.

For applicants who live at home, parents/guardians should fill out this section in its entirety.

(Market value, minus the mortgage balance)
List all outstanding debts over $1,000:
Press the + sign on the right of the field to add more lines.

Section C - Written Essay

Provide a one-page essay on how this scholarship award would help to finance your post-secondary education. NOTE: Applications without a written statement will not be considered January 2022 Essay must include; 1) Why you feel you should be considered for this scholarship 2) Role Special Love played in your treatment and recovery, and; 3) Any residual effects from your cancer. 4) Your planned educational goals You may also attach additional letters of reference at your discretion.
Max. file size: 8 MB.


2021 Scholarship Recipients

Special Love was delighted to award 20 Kay/Moore Educational Scholarships to the following young adult survivors, who are attending colleges and universities such as Beacon College, East Carolina University, George Mason University, Lord Fairfax Community College, Shenandoah University, University of Michigan Medical School, and Virginia Tech:

  • Olivia Adams, The Hahn Family Educational Scholarship
  • Alesia Allen
  • James Alverson, The Hahn Family Educational Scholarship
  • Nadia Anderson
  • Tsadet Brannon
  • Margaret Gallagher, Dennis Chastain Memorial Scholarship
  • John Gonzalez
  • Collin Hong, Taylor Family Foundation Educational Scholarship
  • Tyler Jones, The Bresch Family Educational Scholarship
  • Christopher Keely
  • Brady McKay
  • Destiny McKenzie, Malloy Automotive Educational Scholarship
  • Seth Middlecoop, Brendan Meehan Educational Scholarship
  • William Peterson, Karen Nielson Memorial Scholarship
  • Josh Rubin
  • Rachel Simon, Koo & Patricia Yuen Educational Scholarship
  • Connor Steele
  • Arriana Tan
  • Jacqueline Verrecchia
  • Delaney Wahl

For more information, contact Jan Bresch.