Triage Cancer 2024 Webinar Series

Special Love is honored to be partnering with Triage Cancer’s free educational webinar series. Each webinar is designed to educate and provide key information to navigate practical issues, minimize the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis, and reduce stress.

Every webinar is open to the general public, including individuals diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, advocates, and health care professionals.

Webinars are held on the Zoom platform. Check out the different topics and dates below.

 Feb 27: Managing Medical Bills & Getting Financial Help 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar on 2/27 about practical steps to manage medical bills and finding financial help. Register: 

We will be joined by Dollar For to learn about charity care and how you can qualify for financial help from your hospital, how to negotiate your bills, and set up payment plans.

March 26: Improving Access to Fertility Preservation 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Fertility Preservation on 3/26! Register:

This webinar partners with Alliance for Fertility Preservation, Teen Cancer America, and Elephants & Tea to explain state laws that provide access to fertility preservation, what to do if your insurance denies coverage, other ways to improve access, and current legislative advocacy opportunities.

April 30: Estate Planning 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Estate Planning on 4/30! Register:

This webinar explains the various documents that can make up an estate plan, things to consider as you begin the process of creating your plan and options available to individuals to protect their medical decision-making rights. 

5/29: Benefits for Veterans with Cancer 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Benefits for Veterans with Cancer on 5/29! Register:

This webinar explains veteran access to specific benefits, programs, and resources that may be useful after a cancer diagnosis. 

June 27: Caregiving 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Caregiving on 6/27! Register:

This webinar explains the rights of caregivers at work, how to replace lost wages while acting as a caregiver, and practical tips to support caregivers. 

July 16: Understanding Your Rights at Work 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Understanding Your Rights at Work on 7/16! Register:

This webinar explains managing work after a diagnosis, including how to continue working during treatment, take time off, replace lost income, understand retirement options, and navigate the health insurance and financial implications of each decision. 

August 27: Maximizing Employee Benefits 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Employee Benefits on 8/27! Register:

This webinar explains how to maximize benefits that may be offered by employers, including how to pick a health insurance plan if you are given options, and accessing other types of insurance 

September 26: Medicare 101 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Medicare on 9/26! Register: 

This webinar explains the different “Parts” of Medicare, supplemental plans, decisions to make during open enrollment, and how it works with other insurance. 

October 29: Paying for Prescription Drugs

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Paying for Prescription Drugs on 10/29! Register:

This webinar explains cost of prescription drugs, which will include how coverage works in individual and employer sponsored insurance and the various financial assistance options available. 

November 19: Tips on Accessing Care 

Join Triage Cancer for a FREE webinar about Accessing Care on 11/19! Register:

This webinar will present tips for accessing cancer screenings, testing, and biomarker testing, including insurance coverage for these services.