BRASS Day was full of colorful (and yummy) fall fun!

Cancer sibs had a day just to themselves on October 23rd filled it with yummy, colorful fall fun! 

Virtual BRASS Day started on a tasty note with “s’more pops,” courtesy of Counselor Olivia. Our budding dessert chefs crafted their creations using marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate and coated with graham cracker dust, sprinkles, cereal, or whatever they could think of. Participants were supposed to cool them in the refrigerator prior to consumption but based on the chocolate-smeared lips visible on-screen, not everyone could wait to try them… 

Our afternoon featured an art project care of Tracy’s Kids, our collaborative partner from Virtual Camp Fantastic. The organization’s namesake, Tracy Councill, aided by her trusty sidekick, Counselor Peyton, helped the kids create fall and Halloween-inspired masterpieces. The virtual campers even learned several bona fide art techniques in the process! 

We wrapped up the day with an hour of online games, including a Disney-themed session of Kahoot and a frenetic game of “Monster Master.” We also had time for several “hidden picture” puzzles, a popular activity that spiced up all of our BRASS Day activities.