Ski Family Weekend 2019

January 18-22, 2019 Canaan Valley Resort Davis, WV

Ski Family Weekend was amazing, even with temps varying by 40 degrees during the 4-day Martin Luther King weekend. It was an amazing getaway for families with a child under 18 who’s on treatment or within 3 years of treatment, as well as bereaved families. It was a non-typical camp at the beautiful Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, WV, where skied, snowboarded, tubed, and ice-skated. A few folks even found time to snowshoe around the trails of the resort.

So far, 2019 has been a year for changes here at Special Love, and they’re GREAT changes. We accommodated a record 55 families at Ski Family Weekend and offered 21 scholarships! That’s a dramatic increase from years past. Out of the 55 families in attendance, 8 were brand new to Special Love and for 20 of our families it was their first trip to Canaan Resort.

This year we also strengthened our partnership with Canaan Valley Resort as they provided even more instructors for ski and snowboarding lessons, including three adaptive skiers (another new record). We offered lessons in the morning both Saturday and on Sunday, some of which continued into the afternoon because they were so determined to learn. Our evenings were more camp-oriented as we played bingo on Saturday and had a kids’ movie night on Sunday so the parents could have some time to themselves.

A special thank you to our families, volunteers, Canaan Valley Resort (and their instructors), and the adaptive ski program. They made the weekend unforgettable!

For more information on Ski Family Weekend or any Special Love program, contact Angela Ashman, Program Director, at