Camp Mom Volunteer

Written by Gina Parcells, Camp Mom & first time Camp Fantastic Volunteer


All I really wanted was for my kid to be happy. I just wanted her to BE A KID and think of herself as more than cancer. She was barely seven years old when I sent her to camp that first time, not fully understanding that she would gain special relationships, special encouragement, special passion, special energy, special memories – SPECIAL LOVE! And, frankly, it’s not until coming to camp this week as a volunteer that I realize that Becca’s recounting of camp were only dim images of a vastly brighter picture that fueled her life a week at a time these past ten years.


Everywhere I look, someone whose shirt says “STAFF” is leaning in, goofing off, hugging on, doting over, laughing with a camper… or two… or ten! The energy here is boundless and the love is overwhelming. Even the realization that my two oldest kids have been molded into counselors like these makes my heart so full. Is it really CANCER that has allowed so much joy to permeate my life?


Special Love walked with our family for ten years, and after walking Becca all the way to Heaven, they just keep on walking with us… because that’s what familydoes! And, believe it or not, there’s more joy to be found here!


Below:  Gina (far right) with some of this years Fantastic campers