Jordan Trufio

West Springfield High School student Jordan Trufio’s fight with cancer ended today. Fellow student Sean Ngo contributed these thoughts on his passing.

Jordan TrufioThe following guest post is from Sean Ngo, a Camp Fantastic camper and a student at West Springfield High School:

Number 58 is Jordan, a man on the West Springfield High School football team who had those by his side through his treatment. As we all know, there is a bond that all cancer patients shares I hope you all will understand this about him.

To all my Camp Fantastic friends out there. Yesterday WSHS had a death of one of our fellow students, a senior who had a long and hard battle with a brain tumor. Sadly today, he passed away. All I know about him is that he was on the football team and his number was #58 and his name is Jordan Trufio. So if I can ask everyone here to send your prayers out today so he can have a safe journey wherever he may go now. Thank you for your time in reading this message I have made for him. Not many people understand those afflicted with cancer, but only those of us who have really been through it can understand it.

It is a nice gesture to feel the empathy and be sympathetic. But there are some people who talk about it like they knew everything he went through, sadly they do not. So I decided to share this with everyone here. Because just about everyone here would understand a lot more then other people out there would. So again thank you for taking the time in reading this. May your prayers be out to this fellow Spartan of mine.

R.I.P. Jordan Trufio.