Welcome to “Pop-Up Camp!”

/Welcome to “Pop-Up Camp!”
Welcome to “Pop-Up Camp!”2019-06-13T10:40:42-04:00

A Message from Ken Dodelin at Capital One:

Hi everyone!

The Capital One team is THRILLED that so many from the Special Love community are planning to attend our third annual pop-up camp on Thursday, June 13th.

Here are some logistical details (as well as an attendance list so far – at the bottom):

  • Parking & Parking Ticket Validation

Attached below are images of the parking garage and building. The three story garage structure is located between 8020 Crescent Drive and 8000 Crescent Drive (see the attached picture for details). When you enter the garage at the ground level, the machine will dispense a parking ticket. Please take the parking ticket with you, so that one of us can validate it inside. If you have any questions, or get lost, please give Timothie (909-229-3641) or Chelsae  (443-605-3806) a call.

Capital One Building_Google_Maps

Parking Garage

  • Badges & Getting Around while you’re at Capital One

The event will take place on the 2nd floor of Capital One’s office building at 8020 Crescent Drive. We will have greeters wearing red “Just be Kids” t-shirts inside the main entrance and throughout the 2nd floor to assist.

Since banks handle sensitive data, we will need to issue all adults age 18 and older badges. Volunteers at the registration table will assist you with the process and take care of a few other minor formalities upon arrival. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a volunteer in a red shirt.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Ken Doland
Capital One

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