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In 2015, Co-Founders Jay Foreman, local author, and speaker, and Rich Weller, aka; Mr. Winchester participated in a national fundraiser that supported cancer fundraising. That same year a capital campaign began for a cancer center right here in Winchester, VA. So, in 2016 Jay and Rich decided to begin a grass-roots movement to raise awareness and funds for the Valley Health Cancer Center. “Weird Beards- Help Cancer Disappear” began. That same year, John Fox, owner of Greenwood Deli & Grocery joined the efforts.

Our motto: “We Live Here, We Give Here.”

Nearly everyone has been affected by cancer. We’ve known someone, we’ve loved someone, or you’ve been someone who has fought this disease. It does not discriminate by color, culture, or wealth.

As our beards grow each November, so does our mission and support. This year, we are supporting Special Love & Camp Fantastic.

Please consider supporting our efforts and you’ll inspire hope, lift spirits, and foster healing right here at home. Every bit helps whether it is $1, $5, $25, or whatever you feel you can gift. Your gift will go directly to the organization and the monies will be used right here in our own backyard. Your support will always touch someone’s life when they need it most.

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