Dahlia Lerner

Physician Assistant, American Executive Health System

Dahlia Lerner is a Physician Assistant at First Call Medical Center in Maryland. Her interest in public health first began in high school when she founded a non-profit for children in Paraguay called Chicos por Atyra. She raised funds to help support a low-income agricultural community by building gardens, fish farms, and purchasing a cow for several elementary schools to provide meals for students. The goal of the organization was to improve education and health of the students through increased attendance and nutrition. While at the University of Maryland she volunteered as a crisis intervention counselor, and was selected for an internship her senior year at The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), spending half her time in development and fundraising and the other half in family programming. In 2012 Dahlia obtained a Master’s in Public Health at Hebrew University in Jerusalem before returning to The Inn and working with the NIH Clinical Center where she attended weekly rounds and quickly found herself wanting to learn more about the science behind the clinical trials. After speaking with patients/Inn residents who had gone through bone marrow transplants, and watching their journeys, Dahlia decided to attend Loma Linda University, graduating in 2019 with her Physician Assistants degree. Since graduation Dahlia has been working as a PA at a primary care/urgent care clinic, while volunteering at The Children’s Inn at NIH, as well as with Food & Friends.

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