The equation? Camp = normal.
Kids with cancer understand.

Fishing, swimming, painting, singing, dancing, pillow-fighting, laughing. A week at camp gives them back their place in life, a foothold, a time of knowing where they stand when so much is uncertain. For a week or weekend, these special campers make unforgettable memories with friends who are struggling with a cancer diagnosis, too.

“I tell first-time participants that camp is the closest thing they’ll find to heaven on earth,” Special Love’s camp director says. “It’s unconditional acceptance, optimism, and a sense of adventure unlike anything they’ll find anywhere else.”

Our free camps are held throughout the year at fully modernized facilities in the Greater Washington, D.C., area. Check out our programs for Patients & Survivors, Siblings, and Families.

And join us at camp!

For more information about our camps, contact Angela Ashman.

To sponsor a camp or program, contact Kim Jappell.

Patients & Survivors

While Special Love provides free camps designed for everyone in the family of a pediatric cancer patient, our camps for the patients and those in remission are the core of our program.

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When a sister or brother is diagnosed with cancer, a sibling’s life is changed forever. And only other kids who have a sibling with cancer truly understand. Special Love nurtures that unique – and comforting – sibling network.

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Cancer affects the whole family, changing the fabric and the focus of everyday life. During this time, Special Love offers an unwavering, unconditional community of support.

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